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Update on Textbook Prices: Announcing the Oink Oink Awards website

Posted in Text Book Prices by Paul Joseph on May 28, 2017

An Update

Since I sent out the 2017 winners`of the award in Geotechnical engineering, quite a bit has happened.  Most importantly, the award seems to have had some impact.  Within a month, the prices of these books reduced by an average of $30 or about 15%.

I also received offers from experts in the field (all from industry I am sorry to say) to join me in writing a textbook; one old MIT alumnus offered to edit the book for free.  A few professors wrote in saying they used their own notes instead of textbooks, or used older

With a little bit of searching, I found textbooks that while they appear good, cost less than $100.  I have not used them though so if you do not mind, please let me know of any good new textbooks in geotechnical engineering that you have used and which you feel are good. and I will put them on my website.

Encouraged, by all this feedback, I bought the domain name and created my own website, and decided to add other fields in civil engineering.
I chose the field of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics for my next set of awards because they had a few standout candidates!

I always reach out to the authors with a draft of my email to allow them to give me any clarifications they may have.  I find their responses very interesting though usually, disingenuous.  In some cases, they threaten legal action but they never follow up.  Truth be told, this disappoints me; I would love them to take legal action as this would get my effort tremendous publicity.

Unlike the case with geotechnical engineering though, I have not been able to contact most of the authors in this field.  Either they do not have email addresses or have them well concealed.
So, without further ado, let me point you to these new inductees into the Oink Oink Hall of Shame–see them at

Please forward this email to colleagues of yours who you know work in fluid mechanics/hydraulic engineering.

Also, to any “fellow travelers” I may have out there, if I can, an appeal: please put a page in the Wikipedia, explaining what the Oink Oink Award is, and pointing to the website

Paul Joseph, PhD, PE.


PS: For those computer people out there, I run this site at home from a Raspberry Pi 3B, using Raspbian and Nginx.  Nginx is quite amazingly fast!  Also, I use for dynamic URL redirection–so far it is all working well, and my total cost has been a onetime cost of $65 for hardware and an annual cost of $15 for the domain name and $25 for gratisdns.  Not too bad, even though I say it myself, for about $3/month I am able to host a seemingly sufficient website.

PPS: And for the more philosophical among, yes you are right, Foucault is the intellectual foundation of this effort.